I Am A Laundry Bandit and I Need to Change!



Okay. Just lock me up already. I’ve done it again. I’ve thrown some white clothes in with the colour wash and now they are all a shade of light blue. That is only the start of my confession. I have shrunk numerous wool jumpers, disobeyed the garment tags and machine-washed the hand wash only items. I’m a rebel, an outlaw……a laundry rogue! I really don’t want to be. I need to change my ways. Please don’t throw the book at me. I promise I can change! My life as a washing rebel is coming to a close. Now I’ve taken on this challenge I can’t replace the things I have inadvertently ruined so I need to start playing by the rules. I can turn this around, right?


I’m going to start with the whites I have changed to blue. I had to contact my most trusted washing advisors (mother and mother in law) to get some advice on how to change my whites back to well, white. My mother in law, who lives within a stones throw, pretty much knew that I am incapable of fixing the issue so told me just to hand them over to her to fix. To be honest as soon as I asked she sent my father in law over to pick them up so they could drop them back to me in the morning (this was 6:30pm). Yes, I know, I am blessed with quite possibly the most AWESOME parents in law ever. I can’t even begin. And my mother sent me a text with the advice of buy bleach, read the instructions on the bottle – gotta love parents in comparison.



Anyway, it got to the afternoon and my mother in law delivered the bad news. The shirts could not returned to their original glory. They are to remain a slight tinge of blue and I would not be able to redeem myself that easy. Instead of getting off scot-free I will serve just under a year, living out my sentence knowing I have no white t-shirt that literally goes with EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. The moral to this post is to just follow the damn washing instructions when washing clothes and use common sense. Don’t be a laundry bandit like me. It’s not worth the time.

Monday: Cardigan: Cardigan ASOS – had for a while and worn a bit; Shirt: Seed Heritage bought over 2 years ago which I’ve hardly worn and don’t know why??? Jeans: Ripcurl op-shop pick up from a few months back and get decent wear; Shoes: Rubi Shoes white canvas shoes which get a lot of wear

Tuesday: This outfit was thrown together due to me running out of nappies at short notice….I went off course and wasn’t happy – hence the scowl. Jumper: Sportsgirl bought a year ago and gets decent wear; Pants: Rusty bought a few months ago and also decent wear; Shoes: The ever popular Tony Bianco velcro sneakers that have already paid for themselves

Wednesday: Jacket: Wish – An old eBay buy from 8 or so years ago that I HAVE WORN LIKE TWICE!!! And I adore it!!! Go figure!; Top: Linen top from Target bought 2 years ago and gets a minimal amount of wear (again WHY???); Jeans: Zara bought 2 pairs on eBay for $30 about 3 months ago they get good wear; Shoes: My beloved ASOS boots – I have 2 pairs of these…I bought 2 pairs so when I wore one lot out I would have another pair….yes, I did…. Fringe: BRAND SPANKING NEW!!!!

Sundays are for Ramblings and Reflections…..

I thought I would use my Sundays to reflect on the week of outfits gone by, anything new I have learnt and some possible rambling about anything that comes to mind. The latter is quite possibly the most likely.


This week hasn’t been the most difficult when it came to choosing my outfits I will be honest. I have been playing pretty safe and familiar. My outfit choices aren’t too far from what I would normally wear. At least my usual blue jeans are yet to be worn but my pieces so far I have been playing it safe. I am the humble caterpillar and my chrysalis is warm and comfortable (plus it has Netflix) just waiting for that metamorphosis so I can shimmy on out into the world as a butterfly with an impeccable ability to piece outfits together. I just need to remember this challenge has only just begun and there is time for further creativity. I also wear the outfits for the whole day so they still need to be practical for my activities that day. Grocery shopping in high heels and an LBD, although chic, will not be a practical part of my day.

Well the rambling part is done so I might as well get to anything new I have learnt this week. I actually have! But after only one week you ask. Here it is. Organising your outfits in advance is such a time saver for the week. I try and do mine about 2 days in advance (congrats to anyone who has their whole week sorted). I literally get up, shower and slide into my outfit for the day. No searching through piles of clothes, no settling for an outfit I feel like crap in, no laundry basket diving, an activity that was becoming all too familiar for me. I am done. Walk out the door done. It’s fabulous. I recommend it to anyone looking to save that extra 30 minutes in the morning. Now, only 51 weeks to go!

Sunday Outfit: Top: Knit from Cotton On purchased in June – decent amount of wear so far; Jeans: Mum (mom) jeans from ASOS purchased November last year – decent amount of wear; Shoes: Flats from Rubi Shoes – again decent amount of wear.

Raise Your Glass (And Pants Line) for Mum Jeans!

Well hey there, Mum jeans

This week my Mum jeans made their debut in one of my outfits for the week. To be honest they are a main character in the sitcom that is my wardrobe so they were always going to make their entrance early on. I purchased them in November last year from ASOS and was totally unsure if I would like them or if the style would suit me considering next to their headshot was a description that read along the lines of “high-rise waist, tapered leg, relaxed fit” especially when that relaxed fit appeared to be around the zipper/crotch area…. But you know what? I loved them! They were comfortable, loose and tight in the right places. They even made the old waist look a more defined. I was more then happy to call them back for a second audition and then offer them a full time part in the series.

What made me even happier was their attendance at Copenhagen Fashion Week. I was following (and by following I mean scrolling through the Vogue Street Style galleries with a glass of wine in one hand and chocolate in the other) fashion week and in every second photo I couldn’t help but notice those deliciously stylish Scandinavians were donning a pair of mum jeans. I couldn’t help but breathe an inner sigh of happiness. The Mum jean was putting on the performance of a lifetime. A nomination is a sure thing but this could really earn her a Golden Globe, an Oscar even.

For as long as I can remember mum jeans have been around. Maybe not quite as flattering as the designs of today but they have lasted the distance. They are the Rocky Balboa of the jean world, training for the opportunity to make the distance with the big shots (talking about you skinny jeans) but coming back in the sequel to beat the competition down. I feel it is my duty to honour the mum jean’s success with a slideshow of her best moments through time. Mum jeans, I salute you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trends come and go and no doubt in another month or two the mum jean will be axed before she had a chance to get past series 3 but you know I think when it comes to my wardrobe Mum jeans are one main character that will not be killed off in the near future. They will be here to stay until the series final!!!

Wednesday Outfit: The star ASOS Mum Jeans bought last year in November, Top: St Frock bought between 6-7 months ago and only worn twice; Shoes: Tony Bianco bought over 2 years ago and only worn a handful of times.

Thursday Outfit: Denim Jacket: Op Shop find from February, Old Navy, Never before worn; Top: Souvenir shirt bought overseas in Copenhagen 8 years ago now; Pants: A Brand jeans purchased through The Iconic about 3 months ago; Shoes: Tony Bianco Velcro sneakers making their second appearance.

Friday Outfit: Top: Jumper from St Frock bought June and worn a few times; Pants: Mavi Jeans, an Op Shop find that hasn’t been worn outside the house; Shoes: Wittner flats that had their first wear!! Purchased over a month ago now.


Tracksuit Pants – Love Affair or Committed Partner?

So I did it. I tried something new. I incorporated my tracksuit pants into my every day wardrobe. Wore them like I would a pair of jeans or slacks. I guess mine weren’t that obvious they were plain black but hey, they were still trackie daks and I would never have previously thought of trying it!!! We all own a pair. Come on, you do and you know it. They are the significant other in our lives. The ones we look most forward to seeing when we get home from work, a big night or a rough day. My tracksuit pants have seen me through thick and thin. Literally. The elasticised waistband has made sure they have played a consistent role in my life through the various stages. If they were human, they would have every quality of a committed, full time partner so why do we swipe right at night and text ‘U up?’ then pretend to be asleep so they’ll leave the next morning?

Look, I’m not talking about those silky, floral trendy tracksuit pants seen on the Hadid sisters or the P.E. Nation stunners on the fitness bloggers. I am talking about the pair chosen for pure comfort. Purchased in Kmart or Target for $8 purely for the activity of couch surfing, covering in ice cream and wiping our oiled up chip fingers all over. Nothing serious just a little bit of fun at night.


Is it selfish to want more out of this relationship? To move from a nighttime tryst to a full time committed partner? To introduce them to my friends, my family and eventually just move in full time? Probably. I don’t think I am 100% ready to commit to that kind of relationship with my tracksuit pants but I don’t mind introducing them as my friend from work from time to time.


Monday – Photos 1 & 2:- Shirt: Feather and Noise tie up shirt purchased last year never worn; Cardigan: Feather and Noise purchased a few months ago worn twice; Pants: Tracksuit pants from Kmart purchased 2 weeks ago for after a run; Shoes; Tony Bianco: Purchased a month ago and getting good wear (surprisingly still white as!!)

Tuesday – Photos 3, 4 & 5:- Jacket: Witchery purchased 2 years ago and worn 5 times max; Jumper: Elka Collective: Purchased for my birthday (June) and getting good wear; Pants: Another appearance from the Kmart Trackies; Shoes: ASOS ankle boots from 2.5 years ago on a good rotation.

Well Hello! This is a first for me!

Here it is. The long awaited, highly anticipated (by me) first blog post for Nothing New for 365. To be honest it wasn’t difficult to decide what I was going to write about. Every morning I wake up, throw on the same pair of jeans, t-shirt and if it’s cold jumper. It is my uniform. You would think with this basic uniform of mine my wardrobe would be that of a minimalist. Uncomplicated! Small! Petite! Minuscule! Well, You would be very incorrect!

I have a wardrobe full of clothes that screamed “SALE” at me from the inbox of my email accounts. Items of clothing that called to me from the glossy pages of Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue. Articles of clothing I purchased in an attempt to mimic the fashion bloggers on Instagram I have total admiration for. A wardrobe full of clothes lonely, unworn and looking for love. That is why I have decided to rekindle my relationship with my wardrobe. She is supposed to be a glorious celebration of my self-expression and individualism but has become a cold and sad mausoleum where my clothes are laid to rest. Look, I am in no way a stylist nor do I claim to be any sort of fashion aficionado. I just love all things fashion and style and just haven’t had the confidence or ability to throw together anything more than jeans and a tee. I also need to rein in the spending on items I don’t or won’t wear. I recently had a bit of a wardrobe clearance due to my body changing after pregnancy and even after a clear out I am still left with an abundance of clothes.

Today I am starting the 365 days with my most recent purchase the lobster jumper from Skin and Threads in collaboration with Zoe Foster Blake. I literally single white female Zoe Foster Blake. She could release a toilet plunger with her name to it and I would be in line to buy. I only purchased this about a week ago and it arrived on Friday. It’s bright, fun and quirky. I absolutely adore it. I’ve paired it with these Assembly Label black pants I purchased about 5 months ago on sale from the Iconic. The shoes are from Betts I purchased just before last Christmas and I think I have worn twice since then. Awkward posing is all my own. Enjoy my obvious discomfort with photos to come!


My hopes are this challenge will drive me to stop saving things for special occasions and to really embrace fashion as fun, exciting and experimental. I would love to know what you think of my choices. I am a complete amateur so any comments or tips are oh so very welcome! I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I will creating it.